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Small Horses in Warfare Author: Sir Walter Gilbey

The present seems an appropriate time to put forward a few facts which go to prove the peculiar suitability of small horses for certain campaigning work which demands staying power, hardiness and independence of high feeding. The circumstance that the military authorities have been obliged to look to foreign countries for supplies of such horses […]

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The Tale of Old Dog Spot Author: Arthur Scott Bailey

THE TALE OF OLD DOG SPOT I ALMOST TWINS Nobody ever spoke of old Spot’s master as “old Johnnie Green.” Yet the two—boy and dog—were almost exactly the same age. Somehow Spot grew up faster than Johnnie. He had stopped being a puppy by the time his young master learned to walk. And when Johnnie was […]

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Prince Jan, St. Bernard Author: Forrestine C. Hooker

PRINCE JAN St. Bernard Chapter I THE HOSPICE DOGS Prince Jan was a fuzzy, woolly puppy with clumsy paws and fat, round body covered with tawny hair. His brown eyes looked with loving good-will at everything and everybody. Jan and his brother, Rollo, had great fun playing together, his long fur making it easy for […]

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‘Murphy’ A Message to Dog Lovers

“MURPHY” A MESSAGE TO DOG-LOVERS 1 I Yes. He was born in the first week of June, in the year 1906. Quite a short while ago, as you see—that is, as we men count time—but long enough, just as a child’s life is occasionally long enough, to affect the lives—ay, more, the characters—of some who […]

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Lad: A Dog Author: Albert Payson Terhune

LAD: A DOG [Pg 1] CHAPTER IHIS MATE Lady was as much a part of Lad’s everyday happiness as the sunshine itself. She seemed to him quite as perfect, and as gloriously indispensable. He could no more have imagined a Ladyless life than a sunless life. It had never occurred to him to suspect that […]

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KERFOL By Edith Wharton

I “You ought to buy it,” said my host; “its Just the place for a solitary-minded devil like you. And it would be rather worth while to own the most romantic house in Brittany. The present people are dead broke, and it’s going for a song—you ought to buy it.” It was not with the […]

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CHAPTER I. The Derelict Link Ferris was a fighter. Not by nature, nor by choice, but to keep alive. His battleground covered an area of forty acres—broken, scrubby, uncertain side-hill acres, at that. In brief, a worked-out farm among the mountain slopes of the North Jersey hinterland; six miles from the nearest railroad. The farm […]

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FOREWORD Sunnybank Lad won a million friends through my book, “LAD: A DOG”; and through the Lad-anecdotes in “Buff: A Collie.” These books themselves were in no sense great. But Laddie was great in every sense; and his life-story could not be marred, past interest, by my clumsy way of telling it. People have written […]

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